Our experience investigating hundreds of thousands of cases and our ability to adapt to the ever-changing laws impacting our clients gives APEX the leading edge in defending frivolous, exaggerated or fraudulent claims. This translates into remarkable results, which ultimately means millions of dollars saved.

Our people are what makes us stand apart from the competition. The average experience of our investigators is 14 years in SIU, law enforcement, and insurance claims investigations to ensure claims are investigated thoroughly, expeditiously and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and clients’ policies.

Our software, CASELINK, which is SOC II and HIPAA compliant makes working with APEX Investigation a decision that will give you a competitive advantage and increased value for you and your customers.  All of your information including every detail of an investigation from phone calls, video files, audio files, reports, transcripts, photographic evidence, and a complete history is always at your fingertips. Comprehensive reports are easily prepared, emailed and shared over SSL links.