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San Mateo County

District Attorney’s Office

A message directly from the Deputy District Attorney: “The City was really happy with the dispo!”
Again, kudos to all involved. These cases take time, strategy, and can take years navigating through the court system. Keep up the good work everyone.

Director of Employee Safety & Workers’ Comp

OMG--This is amazing. Some of the best work EVERRRRR!!! I can’t even believe how active this lady is. And none of it is work related. She’s doing all activities as part of her exercise or as a gardening enthusiast. Congrats Apex Team! You are awesome.

Attorney, Associate Partner

Aside from the injury/impairment, this is excellent. Some of the best surveillance work I have seen in many years. Your team should be commended! Thank you!

Sr. Claims Examiner, National Insurance Carrier

The investigator obtained great information to use the Good Faith Personnel Action defense on the case.

National Insurance Carrier

Outstanding effort! Thank you and please let the investigator know I appreciate going above and beyond.

Sr. Claims Examiner, WCCA, SIP

Oh my, that’s good news. You are the best! We at the TPA and the districts love your work...Thank you.
Risk Manager

Healthcare Group

The investigator did a phenomenal job of getting the Claimant to pinpoint her history for both the injury and medical treatment. I’ve spoken many times with the Claimant, and she easily digresses while speaking. So, I know this statement was not easy to do.
Jacobsen & McElroy

Managing Attorneys

Excellent Work!
Risk Manager

National Employer

Fantastic work! Thank you so much Apex team! We will go ahead and proceed with closing the file.

Senior Claims Examiner

Thank you for the added Job Description! That’s incredibly helpful and I didn’t even think to ask if you could obtain that. You are doing a phenomenal job on these!

Claims Manager

Jennifer from the employer gave praises to Ulysses for the way he has handled the past investigation interviews. If you can add him as a designated investigator, that would make them very happy!

Claims Examiner

Great job, APEX! This will be incredibly helpful to us. She clearly is mobile and doesn’t seem to have any issues of any kind. Except perhaps a shopping addiction.
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