At APEX Investigation, we recognize the importance of quick research and fast response when it comes to workers’ compensation claims. Our approach has proven to positively impact claim length and ultimately, the claim payout. We understand the challenges that adjusters face today and have developed a range of solutions to ease their burden. With a highly-skilled investigative team and a variety of services, we can provide valuable information on a claimant’s activities to help you make informed claim decisions with confidence.

Our services include surveillance, AOE/COE investigations, medical checks, social media investigations, subrogation validation, wellness checks, medication representation, and suspect claim investigations (SIU). We are here to help you navigate the complexities of workers’ compensation claims and deliver results.

  • Surveillance
    • Our Investigators receive rigorous training covering investigation best practices, workers’ comp law, privacy and pretexting case law and as result our success rate is over 86%, saving our clients hundreds of millions of dollars from fraudulent claims, exaggerated claims and malingering claimants.
  • Social Media Investigations |Background Investigations
    • Our Background Investigators are Certified Social Media Intelligence Analysts. They use the latest techniques to identify and preserve a claimant’s social media footprint which can be instrumental in producing evidence to dispute a claim and to aid in surveillance.
    • Our investigators scour the best databases to identify Criminal & Civil records as well bankruptcies, liens, judgements, past employment, driving records, workers’ compensation claims history, and address verification to aid in the defense.
  • AOE / COE Investigations | Statements | Subrogation | Alive & Well Checks
    • Our Investigators are trained in workers’ compensation law including insurance defenses, subrogation, apportionment and experts and uncovering the facts from witnesses, claimants and gathering critical evidence for our clients to make critical decisions to accept or deny claims. Our investigators are trained to identify subrogation and uncover leads to aid in the recovery claims costs.
  • Disability Management Investigations (DMI)
    • This is an excellent tool when investigating a non-litigated claim where red flags exist, and a recorded statement helps to gather critical information necessary to administer a claim.
  • Anti-Fraud SIU
    • APEX provides anti-fraud training, compliance reporting,Ā fraud identification, eFD1 filings, fraud packaging as well as managing the process with the various District Attorneys and the Department of Insurance.
  • Medical |Hospital | Pharmacy Canvassing
    • Our expert investigators canvass an area(s) and gather information from clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies to gather critical evidence to help defend claims.
  • Due diligence
    • Our trained investigators help uncover the backgrounds of owners/shareholders, the company’s reputation, litigation risks, the competition, and client/supplier relationships.
  • Sexual harassment investigations
  • Witness interviews & Recorded Statements