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Initial Risk Analysis Program

Comprehensive Analysis

Offers a detailed snapshot of an individual's workers' compensation claims history, including any injury claims filed.

Anyone Anywhere

Search anyone anywhere in the United States.

Social Media Scrutiny

Conducts a cursory review of the subject's social media activities for inconsistencies or contradictory evidence related to the claim.

Cursory Background Check

Records search of criminal, civil, and public records, along with driver license information.

Speed and Efficiency

Utilizes a combination of human expertise and advanced AI technology to deliver results in as little as 1 hour.


Leveraging technology for efficiency provides a quick, affordable solution for preliminary claim analysis, ideal for initial assessment of potential fraud, exaggerated claims or claims that should be denied.

Why Choose I.R.A.

Quick Insights, Better Decisions:

Informed decisions on all claims.

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Industries We Serve

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Claims Examiners

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Insurance and TPAs

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Public Entities







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