APEX Investigation’s medical canvassing solutions provide comprehensive information gathering and analysis of medical records from various healthcare facilities, including hospitals, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and urgent care centers. The objective of the canvass is to identify dates of service and treatments received by a subject.

Our experienced investigations team combines their extensive knowledge with the use of proprietary trend monitoring systems to distinguish legitimate medical procedures from any potential fraudulent actions. This approach ensures the accuracy and thoroughness of the medical information gathered.

Our medical and pharmacy canvassing services offer a reliable and comprehensive solution for locating and collecting relevant medical information about an individual. Our research specialists are equipped to gather evidence from a range of medical providers, including cardiologists, primary care physicians, neurologists, telemedicine, and others within a targeted geographic area. We understand the importance of maintaining proper and ethical research practices, which is why our specialists are trained to ensure all services are compliant with legal and HIPAA requirements. With our medical and pharmacy canvassing services, you can have confidence in verifying a subject’s medical history, claims background, and pharmacy records.