SOC2 Type II Compliance

SOC2 Type II Compliance and Certification

APEX Investigation® employs continuous security monitoring and a robust suite of measures aimed at safeguarding its networks and sensitive data.
Here's how APEX ensures comprehensive security:
  1. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): APEX employs a variety of IDS to swiftly detect and mitigate any attempts to breach its network defenses.
  2. Access Control Measures: Unauthorized access attempts are promptly thwarted, with all incidents meticulously logged and thoroughly investigated.
  3. Anti-Virus Software: APEX utilizes enterprise-grade anti-virus software to provide robust protection against trojans, worms, viruses, and other malware threats.
  4. Complete Separation of Duties: APEX implements a strict separation of job responsibilities, complemented by mandatory background checks across all operational levels.
  5. Principle of Least Authority (POLA): Employees are granted only the privileges essential to perform their designated tasks, in adherence to the POLA principle.
  6. Managed Physical Access: APEX maintains stringent controls over physical access, permitting entry solely to pre-authorized personnel. Key entry points are equipped with proximity card readers, while perimeter doors are monitored and alarmed.
  7. Secured Premises: APEX employs CCTV surveillance cameras with advanced capabilities at entry points and other critical areas, ensuring continuous monitoring and storage of video footage for audit purposes.
  8. Continuous Performance Audits: APEX conducts ongoing management of SOC 2 compliance, with risk management protocols modeled after NIST standards. Regular audits are conducted to uphold superior standards in personnel performance, procedural compliance, equipment maintenance, and key inventory management.
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