At APEX Investigation, we understand the importance of utilizing social media and background investigations in the defense of claims. With the average person spending over three hours a day on social media, there’s a wealth of critical information that may be posted before and after a loss. This is where our team of Certified Social Media Intelligence Analysts comes in. They use the latest techniques to identify and preserve a claimant’s digital footprint, which can be valuable in defense of a claim and a tool to improve surveillance.

Our background investigators don’t stop there. They also scour the best databases to uncover criminal and civil records, bankruptcies, liens, judgements, past employment, driving records, workers’ compensation claims history, and verify addresses.

Social Spy is our tool of choice, allowing us to spend more time on the investigation and less time playing catch up. Our team of in-house analysts are dedicated to finding subjects and their online presence and use our proprietary search methodology to even find those who don’t want to be found. With Social Spy, we can track the subject’s self-reported online activity, identify where they’ll be at a specific time and date, and increase the probability of obtaining quality video.

In summary, Social Spy is a powerful defense solution that helps put an end to the “good day” defense, establishes patterns of activity, identifies subjects who are exaggerating their injuries, and serves as a powerful legal defense tool. With Social Spy, if it’s online, we’ll find it.