APEX Special Investigations Unit (SIU) Services


The function of the APEX SIU is to investigate suspected fraud while operating as a liaison between the California Department of Insurance (CDI) and the District Attorney (DA). Suspected fraud cases are investigated by our professional staff where an analysis report is prepared outlining the allegations and evidence. Our SIU program is designed to help […]

Social Spy

Social Spy

IF IT’S ONLINE, WE’LL FIND IT SOCIAL SPY WILL PERFORM THE FOLLOWING: Documentation and preservation of ALL online content In depth analysis of all content and how it relates to the case Monitoring of online presence with regular updates is optional and can be extended as long as necessary Ability to authenticate originality with the […]

AOE/COE Investigations


Too many questions and not enough time? Our skilled claims investigators know that you want more than just a recorded statement — you want an investigation with the right questions asked and the facts revealed. Allowthe APEX Claims Team to take care of your AOE/COE investigations so that you can sit back, relax, and know […]

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