Investigating sexual harassment cases requires sensitivity, expertise, and impartiality due to their emotionally charged nature. Despite efforts by employers to educate employees and enforce policies, sexual harassment continues to occur and often goes unreported due to a lack of evidence or fear of not being believed. The consequences of sexual harassment can include emotional distress, lawsuits, and harm to reputation.

Sexual harassment encompasses a range of behaviors, from unwanted sexual advances to physical or verbal abuse of a sexual nature and can range from civil to criminal offenses. APEX Investigation’s private investigators can handle sexual harassment investigations with the necessary discretion and sensitivity, whether in the workplace, school, or other organizations. They can gather evidence through techniques such as surveillance, hidden cameras and microphones, witness interviews, and mental health evaluations, to support a civil or criminal case against the perpetrator.

It is crucial to work with a licensed private investigator to ensure the evidence collected is comprehensive and admissible in legal proceedings. At APEX Investigation, with the right evidence, many cases can be resolved in favor of the victim, allowing them to move forward and put the experience behind them.