Private Investigators (PIs), also known as private detectives, are professionals hired to conduct investigations for private individuals and/or organizations such as insurance companies. They may be hired to gather information on various subjects, such as conducting background checks on potential employees or locating missing persons. PIs may also be employed to provide security services, conduct surveillance, or gather evidence in legal cases. PIs may use a variety of techniques to gather information, including conducting interviews, performing online social media searches, and using surveillance equipment.

PIs are typically hired on a case-by-case basis. Essentially, the specific services they provide will depend on the needs and goals of their clients. The client’s goals and case objectives are the driving factors for investigative strategy; without proper preparation and execution along with dialogue with clients, those goals will be harder to achieve.

How do Private Investigators Prepare?

Both new and veteran Private Investigators know to expect the unexpected. As a result, the nexus of successful private investigations will begin at the very beginning of a case. Case review and preparation are key tools of a Private Investigator, just as their database or surveillance equipment would be. Within the field, many times a PI will have to adapt to their ever-changing surroundings.

There are several ways that PIs can be prepared for success:

Being prepared means being ready for the unexpected. In a field where an unethical investigative practice could be detrimental, preparedness can be the determining factor of the success of the case.

Why Does Being Prepared Matter?

Private Investigators are tasked with a set of instructions when obtaining a case. Being prepared helps to ensure that the necessary resources and knowledge to successfully execute the assigned task are engaged and ready for use. When PI’s are prepared, they are more likely to engage potential challenges and obstacles to greater percentages of positive outcomes. For example, if a PI has to change outfits due to a subject visiting a gym, but they do not have the necessary clothes needed to look like an average gym-goer, then the success of the case could be in jeopardy.


When it comes to being successful, preparation is a defining factor for how the case is executed. Cases can be diverse and a good PI will be ready for all scenarios. With that in mind, choosing a PI with this approach matters.

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